A Mother-Daughter Day in the Classroom

Last month, Sharon taught a private lesson with her daughter Jill,  and two customers, Yoko and ‘Gaga’. Gaga is Yoko’s mother and because Yoko doesn’t speak English, and Sharon doesn’t speak Japanese, ‘Gaga’ is what Sharon called her. I’m sure her real name was much lovelier, had Sharon been able to pronounce it. It was […]

Birdhouses, Pumpkins and More! The New Advanced Wet Felting Class is Here.

Sharon’s developed an entirely new wet felting class! If you’ve taken any of our level 1 wet felting classes, then you’re all set to take Sharon’s most recent workshop experiment: the advanced vessel. In this wet felting class, advance your skills and learn how to create design elements such as holes, and ruffled edges, in addition […]

The Latest Nuno Felted Pieces from Sharon and a New Class!

Hello Thimble fans. Now that Sharon is done with the wedding madness, she has found herself with a lot of time to nuno felt, botanical dye and wet felt. Here are three of her latest pieces! A while back, we shared a post on Instagram about a new project Sharon was working on and ta-da! […]

Our Month on Instagram: August 2015

What did we do this month? Our tenth annual button sale! It was big, it was beautiful, and there were well over 12,000 buttons. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us! We were so excited to be able to announce the availability of our virtual tour. This high resolution, panoramic tour is […]

Month on Instagram: July 2015

What did we do this month? The lovely Melissa Arnold came to visit and taught her indigo workshop, which proved to have gorgeous results. Petunia the shop cat started to come by almost every day, and now spends the entire day with us when she visits. We had such a fun day with Marie Clark of Permanent […]

The CCO: Sharon Mansfield

While we at The Tin Thimble don’t really have “job titles”, it is safe to say that if we had to designate them, Sharon Mansfield (usually referred to as “mom”) would without a doubt be the Chief Creative Officer. In addition to teaching, she’s been botanical dyeing at home, she took a class with Melissa Arnold and […]

With Sticks and Leaves: Botanical Printing

Mom has a new class where students spend the day botanical printing clothing. She’s been whipping these gorgeous garments out for a few months now (more photos of those here, and to come in their own blog post) and her first class was a total success! Five of our ‘regulars’ took the class and they had a blast. […]

Pine Needle Felt with Leiko Uchiyama – Welcome Back!

The lovely, talented and kind Leiko Uchiyama visited us in April, 2014 and taught a series of wonderful workshops, including a technique called ‘Pine Needle Felt’. We are always so honored when an instructor wants to come all the way to teach at our little Thimble. It is so inspiring and refreshing to have some […]


Hello everyone! It’s Hannah writing to you today. Mom’s been a busy little bee (as usual!), and has been creating new felted pieces for classes. She’s been particularly enjoying woven wet felt techniques.We call this one the “Prairie Wrap”. I love the …


Look at these cute little wet felted slippers that Mom whipped up. Not only are they adorable, but they’re super comfortable and are made specifically to fit your foot. She’s teaching a class on how to make these little babies tomorrow. Give us a call …