A Happy Felting Class Complete with a Lamb!

We had quite a busy weekend here at the beginning of April. Sure this post may be a little delayed but, what can we say, there’s a lot going on here! Carin taught a 3 day felting class, the Nuno Felted Mosaic Jumper, and her students made BEAUTIFUL things. We’re so proud! We also had the cutest […]

Handmade 1920s Inspired Mother of the Bride Dress

Hello everyone, happy Friday! For those of you who haven’t heard, the youngest T3 partner and contributor, Hannah, is getting married in just a few short weeks. Sharon has been busy, OK, busy is an understatement…she’s been kicking BUTT between gardening, sewing the wedding dress, gathering supplies for the big day, and on top of […]

Thank You – Ninth Anniversary Celebration and 2016 Student Art Show

The Tin Thimble’s student art show and anniversary celebration was last weekend, April 8th and 9th. We were blown away by all of the support we received. Thank you to all who came, submitted their art, or sent their well-wishes from afar. It’s hard to believe it’s been nine years since our founding, but here we […]

Nuno Felted Madrone Wall Hanging by Sharon

Inspired by her first vacation in nine years, Sharon recently created this beautiful nuno felted wall hanging. She had the pleasure of visiting family in the Pacific Northwest, specifically the San Juan islands. While she was hiking, she found gorgeous madrone trees with vivid bark. “I haven’t seen a madrone tree like that here,” she said. Our […]

Essential Books for Fiber Artists: Part 1

Today were excited to share with you our favorite books for fiber artists! Nothing comes close to hands-on experience and in-person instruction, but having information available at your finger tips (without having to wait for a class) is more than necessary for artists. You may not always be able to call up an expert, but […]

The Tin Thimble’s Year in Review

It’s a new year, everyone. Doesn’t that seem absurd? Weren’t we celebrating New Years 2015 last week? How could a year have gone by so quickly? No matter how weird the turning of calendar seems, we can’t fight the fact that it’s now 2016. And when we reflect on everything that happened in the last […]

Simply Colorful: A Rainbow of Wool Roving

One of the many wonderful things about spending so much time at The Thimble is that we’re always surrounded by color. It’s hard not to be be inspired every day and get our hands into the beautiful wool roving, but helping our students and customers takes priority. Lucky for us, this season we created gift […]

Holiday Cheer at The Tin Thimble

Happy Holidays, everyone! We love to decorate our little fiber arts store for any occasion, but we think it’s especially cozy at Christmastime. Sharon is Scandinavian and loves Scandinavian Christmas decor.  These darling wall hangings feature and yule goat and Tomtes or Nisses (Christmas elves). Our winter tree was originally intended as a Christmas decoration but now it hangs […]

It’s here! And so are the handmade gifts.

The eagle has landed. Or maybe it’s a partridge in a pear tree. We’ve been prepping for the holiday season for months now, but somehow, the influx of consignment items still felt sudden. We’re delighted to have them here and are looking forward to even more, but right now we’re wondering how we can possibly handle how […]

Advice from a Fiber Artist: Sharon’s Colorful Methods

Our students, customers and, shoot, even the Thimble staff, are always amazed at the color choices Sharon puts together in her handmade pieces. Whether it’s a wet felted wallhanging or a handmade dress, the woman curates beautiful color palettes. Our beginning students are especially intrigued and often ask her “How did you know to put those […]