Resident Artists

  • Sharon Mansfield

    Sharon Mansfield

    Sharon Mansfield is co-owner of The Tin Thimble, resident artist and has taught over 3,000 students in dyeing, felting, sewing, appliqué and more. She grew up spending as much time as she could in her grandfather’s woodworking shop.  As a master c …

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  • Emma Farrell

    Emma Farrell

    Emma Farrell is co-owner of The Tin Thimble. Costumes have been a part of Emma’s life since she was a little girl. Her mother instilled a joy for the imagination and the process behind creating a costume from scratch. A professional swing dance instruc …

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  • Lisa Classon

    Lisa Classon

    Lisa Classon is a resident artist and instructor at The Tin Thimble. She grew up with a very creative family and always felt encouraged to be artistic.  Attracted to working with colors and textures, she started felting in 2007 when her famil …

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  • Jill Fargen

    Jill Fargen

    Jill Fargen grew up in an incredibly creative environment, getting much of her inspiration from her mother who was always fashioning clothes, making baskets from seaweed, and exploring new artistic outlets.When Jill got engaged in 1995, she knew s …

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  • Hannah Arose

    Hannah is co-owner and a resident artists at The Tin Thimble. Like her sisters, grew up surrounded by the ever-evolving creative energy of her mother. Her childhood was rich in vivid colors, textures, hands-on artistic experiments, gardening, and const …

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  • Toni Lutman

    Toni Lutman is manager, resident artist and instructor at The Tin Thimble. Deeply inspired by nature, she attributes her adoration for the textures and colors of the natural world to childhood cross country trips to national parks, historic sites, and …

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