A Happy Felting Class Complete with a Lamb!

We had quite a busy weekend here at the beginning of April. Sure this post may be a little delayed but, what can we say, there’s a lot going on here! Carin taught a 3 day felting class, the Nuno Felted Mosaic Jumper, and her students made BEAUTIFUL things. We’re so proud! We also had the cutest […]

Handmade 1920s Inspired Mother of the Bride Dress

Hello everyone, happy Friday! For those of you who haven’t heard, the youngest T3 partner and contributor, Hannah, is getting married in just a few short weeks. Sharon has been busy, OK, busy is an understatement…she’s been kicking BUTT between gardening, sewing the wedding dress, gathering supplies for the big day, and on top of […]

Thank You – Ninth Anniversary Celebration and 2016 Student Art Show

The Tin Thimble’s student art show and anniversary celebration was last weekend, April 8th and 9th. We were blown away by all of the support we received. Thank you to all who came, submitted their art, or sent their well-wishes from afar. It’s hard to believe it’s been nine years since our founding, but here we […]

Needle & Thread – Our Latest Interest in Embroidery

Hello Tin Thimble fans! Ok, we have a bit of an obsession: embroidery. There’s something so calming about the focus and methodology that this skill requires. It’s a humble art, a quiet craft with a beautiful historical story. It’s also quite the chameleon, and we think it’s a lovely example of how handicrafts evolve with each new […]

Abalone Nuno Felted Poncho by Lisa Classon

Lisa’s nuno felting class to make a poncho now has a gorgeous new example! This beauty is a fantastic way to use small pieces of expensive, special or rare fabrics. Lisa included squares of fabric that she shibori dyed in one of Melissa Arnold‘s classes, and wow, is it inspiring! Look at how beautiful that shibori […]

Hidden Delights

One of the many benefits of being on the Tin Thimble team is being constantly surrounded by beauty. Not to brag, but we have people tell us every day how charming the shop is. In the many nooks and crannies, you’ll find interesting pieces that are handcrafted, vintage, or both! We’ve collected some photos of […]

Crate Expectations: A Brief History of High Hand

Hi, my name is Lori and I am a box hoarder. Or rather, a container hoarder. Which means that when I saw that High Hand has fruit crates seemingly just lying around, I needed one. Fortunately for me, High Hand Nursery does sell some of their fruit boxes, so there was no need for a […]

The Magic of Botanical Dye

Happy fall everyone! It’s Sharon writing to you today, and I am so thrilled about this post. I don’t think I have ever done any art form as exciting as botanical dyeing. The challenge of trying to find the right combination of mordant to metal pipe to metal pan to dye bath is always a […]

Our Little Store in Loomis is Expanding!

When I was little  Mom planted a dogwood tree in our backyard. That dogwood tree grew at a glacial pace. So…Slow…. Maybe a centimeter a year, maybe. Every few years, however, it would shoot up and grow a whole two inches in one spring. Watching the Thimble grow since our opening almost seven years ago […]

So much to be thankful for

Hello everyone, it’s Hannah today. Happy belated Thanksgiving! The family celebrated the holiday up at our cabin this week. Although we are lucky enough to see each other on a weekly (for some of us, daily) basis, it is nice to all be together outside of work. The holiday was spend soaking up the beauty […]