Indigo and Shibori – Inspired to Experiment

Mom and dad visited Emma, Chris and the new little grand baby in Japan this last October.  Emma lives in Okazaki not that far from the famous shibori town – Arimatsu – so two rainy but fantastic days were spent soaking in all of the shibori and indigo blue inspiration that is Arimatsu.  Emma was […]

Japan: Kyoto

Hello! It’s Emma today and it’s been a while. And I’ve been vvvveeeerrryyyy slow in getting this final Japan post to you – I apologize for the delay! While Chris and I were staying in Okazaki we took a day trip to Kyoto and I was determined to squeeze some textiles in! After wandering around […]

Japan: Okazaki + Nagoya

After our time in Tokyo, Chris and I headed south to a smaller town outside of Nagoya called Okazaki. The bullet train ride was awesome.  350 miles per hour – I think that’s right.  Is that right?  Really fast.  I love how the second picture down gives you an idea that we’re moving fast.  The […]

Japan: Tokyo

This past September Chris and I visited Japan.  It’s a trip that we had been dreaming about (and saving for) for a very long time and…. It. Was. Amazing.  The Japanese people were welcoming, friendly, and extremely patient with our limited Japanese language skills (though, I have to brag on Chris that we got around […]