Japan: Kyoto

Hello! It’s Emma today and it’s been a while. And I’ve been vvvveeeerrryyyy slow in getting this final Japan post to you – I apologize for the delay! While Chris and I were staying in Okazaki we took a day trip to Kyoto and I was determined to squeeze some textiles in! After wandering around […]

Japan: Okazaki + Nagoya

After our time in Tokyo, Chris and I headed south to a smaller town outside of Nagoya called Okazaki. The bullet train ride was awesome.  350 miles per hour – I think that’s right.  Is that right?  Really fast.  I love how the second picture down gives you an idea that we’re moving fast.  The […]

Japan: Tokyo

This past September Chris and I visited Japan.  It’s a trip that we had been dreaming about (and saving for) for a very long time and…. It. Was. Amazing.  The Japanese people were welcoming, friendly, and extremely patient with our limited Japanese language skills (though, I have to brag on Chris that we got around […]