The Cutest Cleanliness Around: Handmade Aprons by Hannah

We posted this image on our Instagram last week (@thetinthimble) with the caption, “Can you guess what Hannah is whipping up with these adorable fabrics we sent her? We can’t wait to get the finished pieces back in time for holiday gifts!” We were so excited to get the package from her earlier this week. Within it were […]

Dyeing with an E: Botanical Print Samples

Hello everyone! It’s Hannah writing to you today. A few weeks back, I spent the day with mom making botanical print samples. Having seen all the botanical printed items coming out of the shop I had oh, maybe, 348,597,150 questions about how it worked. Being the scientifically inclined person I am, I decided to set up […]

A Sample of Sharon & Hannah’s Handmade Clothes

Hello T3 fans! It’s Hannah writing to you again today. How is everyone on the west coast surviving this cold snap? We had SNOW here in the Sacramento area the other day. It was just beautiful! A while back we had our fantastic, uber talented, family friend Marie of Permanent Glimpse photography take photos of […]

Little Robots

Hello everyone! It’s Hannah writing to you today. Mom, Emma and I love our small (but consistently adorable) selection of flannels here in the shop. If you’re not available to come into the store, you can also find them posted on our Etsy store. I made…

So Much Fun!

Marie and I met up again a few weeks ago and spent ANOTHER whole day photographing our inventory and, this time, some shots of the shop (we’ll show you those in another post)!  Above is just a sampling of what we did – you’ll see more and more sho…