A Fantastic Vintage-Inspired Way to Use Ric Rac

Let’s just start by saying we have a pretty fierce love affair with ric rac here in the shop. Our friend, and long time customer, Sarah, recently stopped by the shop to purchase some goodies, ask a few questions and share some of her latest (darling) projects. Upon checking out, she plopped her purse onto the […]

Say Hello to Flat Felt

We love felt. (You probably already know that though.) One of our specialties is felt in all it’s forms, be it handmade wet or nuno felt, shrunken wool sweaters, or woven flat felt (especially the vintage, plaid variety). While you’re used to seeing all of the things we do with wet or nuno felt, today […]

Hidden Delights

One of the many benefits of being on the Tin Thimble team is being constantly surrounded by beauty. Not to brag, but we have people tell us every day how charming the shop is. In the many nooks and crannies, you’ll find interesting pieces that are handcrafted, vintage, or both! We’ve collected some photos of […]

Crate Expectations: A Brief History of High Hand

Hi, my name is Lori and I am a box hoarder. Or rather, a container hoarder. Which means that when I saw that High Hand has fruit crates seemingly just lying around, I needed one. Fortunately for me, High Hand Nursery does sell some of their fruit boxes, so there was no need for a […]

A Little About Vintage Buttons

They say that if you want to learn something fast, throw yourself to wolves. Put yourself in a situation where you need to have already learned what you want to know. So, I did. I wanted to learn about vintage buttons, so I asked to help price them for our upcoming button sale. Sharon and Emma were as sweet as can be […]

Private Collection, Vintage Fabric & Pre-Holiday Sale

We’ve been airing out the closets and opening those bottom drawers over here at The Little Thimble That Could!  You may remember that the purging process started a while back, HERE.  Well, we’re about to have the culminating event folks. And,…

Challenge Accepted

We here at the little Thimble that Could are on a mission. Have you ever seen “the back room” here at the shop? Well if you have you know that it’s packed. If you haven’t, it’s full to the brim…I mean it’s really full. We have zippers, snaps, sewing …

200th Post and Vintage Linen Obsessions

Hannah pointed out to me that our next blog post (this post) was going to be our 200th post and wondered if maybe we should do a little giveaway to celebrate.  I thought this was a fine idea and so we set out to turn a few things from this cabinet:

into some crisp little pretties.  And these are what beckoned:

We spent the last day of Hannah’s vacation sewing and it was a good day.  All of these adorable little aprons were made from salvaged linens, vintage fabrics, vintage trims and a few vintage aprons that were in need of some sprucing.  Isn’t that aqua and red printed tablecloth above BEAUTIFUL!!  It had so many holes and stains and I loved it so much!  It was wonderful to see it turned into something new and fancy!  

Here at the shop, we all have such a soft spot for vintage linens.  Especially the damaged ones.  We know about all of the hard work, stiff necks and pricked fingers kind of work that went into these linens and then to see a pile of them in a thrift store or even worse, in a dumpster!!  We love to make up happy little stories about the women who worked on the linens as we rescue them and breath new life into them.  It is always a heart warming process.

SSOOOOOO…….  the giveaway, I’m sure you’re wondering about the giveaway.  🙂

Hannah and I are going to put together a wonderful little bundle of vintage linens, vintage fabrics and vintage trims to that you can be a part of the linen rescuing as well!  We hope that this little bundle will inspire you to create a little, crisp pretty for yourself!  I’m going to wait until we have a winner and you can tell me what colors you would like and we’ll do our best to match!



Mom and I recently helped out Sunrise Community Church down if Fair Oaks with their most recent “Reminisce” event.  This time around we all jumped into the 1950’s.  It was a lovely event with a great old car out front, classic (ORIGINAL!!) Ju…