A Mother-Daughter Day in the Classroom

Last month, Sharon taught a private lesson with her daughter Jill,  and two customers, Yoko and ‘Gaga’. Gaga is Yoko’s mother and because Yoko doesn’t speak English, and Sharon doesn’t speak Japanese, ‘Gaga’ is what Sharon called her. I’m sure her real name was much lovelier, had Sharon been able to pronounce it. It was a fun day of mother-daughter duos creating amazing things! 

Gaga’s piece was felted and incorporated shibori to create the beautiful little flowers you can see throughout the piece. Both Sharon and Gaga were pleasantly surprised to notice how well the colors Gaga had chosen matched her pants!

Besides name pronunciation, the language barrier didn’t stop Sharon and Gaga from communicating through creativity. Gaga took to felting effortlessly and created a beautiful piece, without any felting experience! How great is that?

We’re happy to hold private lessons whenever we have an opening in our schedule! Private classes can be set up for small groups (like Yoko, her mom, and our very own Jill), for birthday parties, girls day out, or any other reason to get your friends together and join us. You can always call us at 916-652-2134 to schedule a private day in our workshop with us. These days are so much fun.

If you’d like to learn how to make your own buttoned shawl, we have an upcoming date in March that you can find here


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