Month on Instagram: July 2015

Month in Instagram July

What did we do this month?

  • The lovely Melissa Arnold came to visit and taught her indigo workshop, which proved to have gorgeous results.
  • Petunia the shop cat started to come by almost every day, and now spends the entire day with us when she visits.
  • We had such a fun day with Marie Clark of Permanent Glimpse Photography and many of our marvelous male friends to capture the beauty of Sharon’s botanical shirts.
  • Hannah came back to us! It may have only been for a short time, but it was wonderful all the same.
  • Tetyana Huffman taught her stunning nori scarf class for the first time and had a smashing success.
  • And so much more! We can’t list everything that happens in the shop, but if you want complete coverage of our happenings, follow us on Instagram!

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