The Tin Thimble’s Year in Review

It’s a new year, everyone. Doesn’t that seem absurd? Weren’t we celebrating New Years 2015 last week? How could a year have gone by so quickly? No matter how weird the turning of calendar seems, we can’t fight the fact that it’s now 2016. And when we reflect on everything that happened in the last […]

It’s here! And so are the handmade gifts.

The eagle has landed. Or maybe it’s a partridge in a pear tree. We’ve been prepping for the holiday season for months now, but somehow, the influx of consignment items still felt sudden. We’re delighted to have them here and are looking forward to even more, but right now we’re wondering how we can possibly handle how […]

Say Hello to Flat Felt

We love felt. (You probably already know that though.) One of our specialties is felt in all it’s forms, be it handmade wet or nuno felt, shrunken wool sweaters, or woven flat felt (especially the vintage, plaid variety). While you’re used to seeing all of the things we do with wet or nuno felt, today […]

Using Textiles as Unique Table Settings

Hello everyone! What I would like to share with you today are a few ways to think of textiles outside of sewing & quilting. Holiday decorating is a great time to dig out that fabric stash you have and be inspired by all the colors and textures. I’ve found some gorgeous images and ideas from the epicenter […]

Welcoming in The New Year and Packing up the Holidays

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!  All of us here at The Tin Thimble hope that the holiday season treated you well.  It’s Emma writing today and I have to say, I’m still in shock that 2015 is upon us.  It’s already January 5th people!  I was only just warming up to the holiday season when […]

Our Vintage Halloween Decor

It feels like fall around here. Mom and I (Hannah) take a deep sigh of relief when this change of seasons happens. It’s safe to say that fall is Mom’s favorite season and one where she becomes even more creatively inspired than she normally is (ho…

Frilly Things

Hello, everyone! It’s Hannah writing to you today. We’re making a conscience effort to gear up for the holiday season this year and that involves making gifts ASAP. Emma and I went a little wild with our “Farmington” line of fabrics last week and whipp…

Dragon Pants!

I recently learned that How to Train Your Dragon is currently my 5-year-old nephew’s favorite movie so I just couldn’t resist making him these pajama bottoms for Christmas:Made from the above vintage pattern.  It was SO much better than any of the…