Month on Instagram: July 2015

What did we do this month? The lovely Melissa Arnold came to visit and taught her indigo workshop, which proved to have gorgeous results. Petunia the shop cat started to come by almost every day, and now spends the entire day with us when she visits. We had such a fun day with Marie Clark of Permanent […]

Naturally Inspired: Sharon’s Experiments in Botanical Dyeing

Sharon has been experimenting with botanical dyeing for years now, to the point that she has become an expert. It’s an all natural process that colors fabrics with the imprints of leaves and other botanical objects with the help of metal and steam. Over time Sharon has botanically imprinted fabric of all sorts, including those of […]

So Much Fun!

Marie and I met up again a few weeks ago and spent ANOTHER whole day photographing our inventory and, this time, some shots of the shop (we’ll show you those in another post)!  Above is just a sampling of what we did – you’ll see more and more sho…