Handmade Baby Clothes

We are so, so, so excited to announce that Emma, our sister, daughter and Tin Thimble owner, is expecting a baby in August!  Of course, this means we get to make things for this sweet baby and we LOVE to make baby things.  Sharon whipped out a few sweet pieces to send Emma & Chris, and […]

A Fantastic Vintage-Inspired Way to Use Ric Rac

Let’s just start by saying we have a pretty fierce love affair with ric rac here in the shop. Our friend, and long time customer, Sarah, recently stopped by the shop to purchase some goodies, ask a few questions and share some of her latest (darling) projects. Upon checking out, she plopped her purse onto the […]

Hannah and Dan’s Handmade Wedding

Hello Thimble readers! It’s Hannah writing to you today. Chances are, if you took a class from Sharon in the past 18 months, you heard about a wedding. Well, the big day came and went in a happy blur on May 14th and I’m so excited to share a few (ok, maybe more than a few…) […]

Handmade 1920s Inspired Mother of the Bride Dress

Hello everyone, happy Friday! For those of you who haven’t heard, the youngest T3 partner and contributor, Hannah, is getting married in just a few short weeks. Sharon has been busy, OK, busy is an understatement…she’s been kicking BUTT between gardening, sewing the wedding dress, gathering supplies for the big day, and on top of […]

The Tin Thimble’s Year in Review

It’s a new year, everyone. Doesn’t that seem absurd? Weren’t we celebrating New Years 2015 last week? How could a year have gone by so quickly? No matter how weird the turning of calendar seems, we can’t fight the fact that it’s now 2016. And when we reflect on everything that happened in the last […]

Little Robots

Hello everyone! It’s Hannah writing to you today. Mom, Emma and I love our small (but consistently adorable) selection of flannels here in the shop. If you’re not available to come into the store, you can also find them posted on our Etsy store. I made…

Handmade Toys by Sharon

Ah, yes, the never ending creativity of our mother. Look at what she’s made now, people! Little stuffed bunny dolls and “star babies”. Where does she come up with this stuff? Mom wanted to create handmade children’s gifts for the upcoming Holiday seaso…

Private Collection, Vintage Fabric & Pre-Holiday Sale

We’ve been airing out the closets and opening those bottom drawers over here at The Little Thimble That Could!  You may remember that the purging process started a while back, HERE.  Well, we’re about to have the culminating event folks. And,…

So Much Fun!

Marie and I met up again a few weeks ago and spent ANOTHER whole day photographing our inventory and, this time, some shots of the shop (we’ll show you those in another post)!  Above is just a sampling of what we did – you’ll see more and more sho…

Frilly Things

Hello, everyone! It’s Hannah writing to you today. We’re making a conscience effort to gear up for the holiday season this year and that involves making gifts ASAP. Emma and I went a little wild with our “Farmington” line of fabrics last week and whipp…