Essential Books for Fiber Artists: Part 1

Today were excited to share with you our favorite books for fiber artists! Nothing comes close to hands-on experience and in-person instruction, but having information available at your finger tips (without having to wait for a class) is more than necessary for artists. You may not always be able to call up an expert, but […]

Holiday Cheer at The Tin Thimble

Happy Holidays, everyone! We love to decorate our little fiber arts store for any occasion, but we think it’s especially cozy at Christmastime. Sharon is Scandinavian and loves Scandinavian Christmas decor.  These darling wall hangings feature and yule goat and Tomtes or Nisses (Christmas elves). Our winter tree was originally intended as a Christmas decoration but now it hangs […]

It’s here! And so are the handmade gifts.

The eagle has landed. Or maybe it’s a partridge in a pear tree. We’ve been prepping for the holiday season for months now, but somehow, the influx of consignment items still felt sudden. We’re delighted to have them here and are looking forward to even more, but right now we’re wondering how we can possibly handle how […]

Using Textiles as Unique Table Settings

Hello everyone! What I would like to share with you today are a few ways to think of textiles outside of sewing & quilting. Holiday decorating is a great time to dig out that fabric stash you have and be inspired by all the colors and textures. I’ve found some gorgeous images and ideas from the epicenter […]

The Cutest Cleanliness Around: Handmade Aprons by Hannah

We posted this image on our Instagram last week (@thetinthimble) with the caption, “Can you guess what Hannah is whipping up with these adorable fabrics we sent her? We can’t wait to get the finished pieces back in time for holiday gifts!” We were so excited to get the package from her earlier this week. Within it were […]

Crate Expectations: A Brief History of High Hand

Hi, my name is Lori and I am a box hoarder. Or rather, a container hoarder. Which means that when I saw that High Hand has fruit crates seemingly just lying around, I needed one. Fortunately for me, High Hand Nursery does sell some of their fruit boxes, so there was no need for a […]

Our Little Store in Loomis is Expanding!

When I was little  Mom planted a dogwood tree in our backyard. That dogwood tree grew at a glacial pace. So…Slow…. Maybe a centimeter a year, maybe. Every few years, however, it would shoot up and grow a whole two inches in one spring. Watching the Thimble grow since our opening almost seven years ago […]

Little Robots

Hello everyone! It’s Hannah writing to you today. Mom, Emma and I love our small (but consistently adorable) selection of flannels here in the shop. If you’re not available to come into the store, you can also find them posted on our Etsy store. I made…


Hello everyone! It’s Hannah writing to you today. Mom’s been a busy little bee (as usual!), and has been creating new felted pieces for classes. She’s been particularly enjoying woven wet felt techniques.We call this one the “Prairie Wrap”. I love the …

Frilly Things

Hello, everyone! It’s Hannah writing to you today. We’re making a conscience effort to gear up for the holiday season this year and that involves making gifts ASAP. Emma and I went a little wild with our “Farmington” line of fabrics last week and whipp…