Mom and I recently helped out Sunrise Community Church down if Fair Oaks with their most recent "Reminisce" event.  This time around we all jumped into the 1950's.  It was a lovely event with a great old car out front, classic (ORIGINAL!!) Jukebox in the lobby, ice cream sundaes and some great turquoise and pink to boot!  Mom, I, my dear friend Marie and a few of the teenage girls from the congregation put on a fashion show that was an absolute hit.

Marie in mom's 1962 8th Grade School Dance Dress.

Me in Grandma Betty's circle skirt.  

Classic mother/daughter shot.  
This little fashion show was a lot of work but very much worth it.  I received a call from the coordinator today and she said that that the audience of women were thrilled with the show.  It was fun for mom and I pull out all of our family garments that we've collected and share them.  I think that Auntie Eleanor and Betty Mom would have been pleased to see their skirts in the show.

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