Private Collection, Vintage Fabric & Pre-Holiday Sale

We've been airing out the closets and opening those bottom drawers over here at The Little Thimble That Could!  You may remember that the purging process started a while back, HERE.  Well, we're about to have the culminating event folks. Vintage fabric, textiles, quilts, magazines, embroidery transfers and more will be on sale!
And, the organizing has bled into our own personal textile collections and we've all decided to let go of a few things.  So, not only will there be major sale prices on things from the shop and the back room, there will be vintage quilts, vintage quilt tops, gorgeous curtain panels, linens galore, vintage bed spreads, flour sacks and much, much more price to sell and only available October 1st - 6th.  Then, it's back to the closets with them (if you haven't all snatched them up!)
In this pile and pile behind are fabulous bedspreads, 1930s quilt tops, a crazy quilted pig.
Hand painted curtain panels from the 1940's from Emma's collection
Lace bedspread, classic early 20th century peach bedding, and darling simple picnic quilts
Martha Stewart Living anyone?
GORGEOUS Work Baskets from the 1930s - 1960s.  SO MUCH INSPIRATION!
Pamphlets, pamphlets and more pamphlets!  Dating from the 1930s - 1980s.  Covering everything from tatting, crochet, doilies, hot pads, afghans, sweaters - the list goes on and on!
Flour Sacks!
This picture does not do this basket justice!  Those bags have ADORABLE quilt pieces dating from the 1930s (Dresden Plates People!) to the 1960s.
A few stragglers.  Untreated raffia just in time for the holidays!
This is just day one of setting up so I'm excited to see what day two brings about!

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