Challenge Accepted

We here at the little Thimble that Could are on a mission. Have you ever seen "the back room" here at the shop? Well if you have you know that it's packed. If you haven't, it's full to the brim...I mean it's really full. We have zippers, snaps, sewing machines, needles, fabric, patterns, rick rack, bias tape, quilt pieces, tracing paper, hem tape, ribbon and books all boxed, labeled and stacked on shelves that literally tower over our work space. We have fabrics that are posted only online all color coordinated, shelved and organized by category. There are irons placed shoulder to shoulder in the window sill, spinning wheels, hangers and display pieces that precariously hang from the ceiling. It is, to say the least, an exquisite, creative, organized disaster. In an attempt to bridle this wondrous, mostly-vintage mess, we have began a purge of our lesser favorite pieces. Emma and I (Hannah) have been frantically posting items to our Ebay and Etsy shops in hopes of dispersing our stash of totally cool and practical items.

We love our vintage needle books. We just can't get rid of them. We think they'd make lovely stocking stuffers or gift card holders. 

Online fabric sales are just another retail outlet for our little business!

Patterns, patterns, patterns. 

For our long-term customers, remember all of our aprons in the original shop? They're making a come back!

Our personal stash of our favorite vintage patterns. 

The view from my desk. Is that safe? Probably not. A little terrifying? Yes. Do all those boxes contain awesome things? Absolutely.


  1. Debra Hegarty says

    This does not look OSHA approved! 🙂

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