Naturally Inspired: Sharon’s Experiments in Botanical Dyeing

Sharon has been experimenting with botanical dyeing for years now, to the point that she has become an expert. It’s an all natural process that colors fabrics with the imprints of leaves and other botanical objects with the help of metal and steam. Over time Sharon has botanically imprinted fabric of all sorts, including those of her own creation. But when it came to making shirts for men, she decided that using pre-made shirts would be best.

By starting with a neutral colored shirt and botanically dyeing over it, Sharon brings life to the garment and adds the special details that bring so many curious passerby into the store. These shirts are labors of love, and it shows.

But botanical dyeing is not so intricate that you must be an expert to make something beautiful. Sharon teaches classes on how to make your own botanically imprinted clothing, and the students’ results are always gorgeous. These classes require no prior experience whatsoever and are a great introduction to the art of imprinting.

Below are photographs taken by Marie Clark of Permanent Glimpse Photography. We thank her so much for coming out to help us capture the beauty of Sharon’s work. We also thank the models who came to show everyone how much they love their shirts.


  1. […] We had such a fun day with Marie Clark of Permanent Glimpse Photography and many of our marvelous male friends to capture the beauty of Sharon’s botanical shirts. […]

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