Birdhouses, Pumpkins and Abstract Creations. The New Advanced Vessel Class is Here.

If you’ve taken any of our level 1 wet felting classes, then you’re all set to take Sharon’s most recent workshop experiment: the advanced vessel.

In this workshop, advance your skills and learn how to create design elements such as holes, and ruffled edges, in addition to design elements such as ‘flowers’ and ridges created in one step with the body of the vessel. 

Sharon has created a workshop where students can take very beginner skills and apply them to create a free-form piece using lots of imagination. There are no rules here! Whether you decide to create an abstract piece (like the one below), a whimsical birdhouse, or an avant garden squash, Sharon will be there to show you how to create the texture and design you have in mind. 

Students in this workshop will also have the time to create a lid for their vessel, which can include handles, or knobs.

Students can also choose to design and create their own squash, or pumpkin, complete with a ‘lid’, leaf and stem. 

The possibilities in this class are endless, and we’re so excited to see what how beautiful and unique each student’s piece is.

There are still spaces available, so feel free to call us at 916-652-2134 if you’d like to register!

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