Hannah Arose

Hannah is co-owner and a resident artists at The Tin Thimble. Like her sisters, grew up surrounded by the ever-evolving creative energy of her mother. Her childhood was rich in vivid colors, textures, hands-on artistic experiments, gardening, and constant encouragement to embrace creativity, no matter what form it came in. In 2008, Hannah submersed herself in sewing for her Senior Project in high school and that sparked a creative outlet that is one of her greatest passions. Hannah received her Bachelors of Science in Agriculture from California State University, Chico and hopes to one day combine her academic passion with her deep-rooted creativity. She aspires to instill creative confidence and the use of traditional handiwork in others, the way that her mother encouraged them in her daughters. She currently resides in Ohio where she runs her own creative endeavor, Palindrome Dry Goods.

Examples of Hannah’s work: