Toni Lutman

Toni Lutman is manager, resident artist and instructor at The Tin Thimble. Deeply inspired by nature, she attributes her adoration for the textures and colors of the natural world to childhood cross country trips to national parks, historic sites, and exploration of lakes, creeks, rivers, and canyons. Since she learned how to make stained glass windows and lamps, 25 years ago, her passion evolved to fused glass, and finally to flameworked glass. Her beautiful designs are now primarily focal beads for jewelry designers. After several nuno felting classes at The Tin Thimble, Toni began incorporating her flameworked glass as embellishments on her felted pieces, with exquisite results. She continues to create glass and fiber art in her free time.

You can see a complete list of upcoming workshops with Toni here.

Examples of Toni’s Work: