Eleven Years in Business

Back in April, we celebrated our 11th year in business by hosting our annual student art show. Every year when it comes time for me to write the post re-capping this annual celebration, I find myself at a loss of words. How can I possibly say the magnitude of our gratitude to all of you? […]

Felt Fest Instructor Profile #2: Toni Lutman

Some of you may know Toni from her beautiful glasswork, and some of you may know her as The Tin Thimble’s manager/ instructor/ felted extraordinaire. Toni will be teaching a darling Wet Felted Essentials Pouch class during Felt Fest, and we wanted our students and customers to know a bit more about miss Toni. What […]

The Tin Thimble’s Annual Felt & Fiber Festival: Felt Fest 2016

Hello Tin Thimble fans! Have you heard the news? Felt Fest 2016 has been scheduled for October 7th, 8th and 9th! Are you as excited as we are?  We are thrilled to welcome Marilou Moschetti back to the Thimble, we haven’t had her in the shop in too long. She will be teaching a super-unique and […]

A Happy Felting Class Complete with a Lamb!

We had quite a busy weekend here at the beginning of April. Sure this post may be a little delayed but, what can we say, there’s a lot going on here! Carin taught a 3 day felting class, the Nuno Felted Mosaic Jumper, and her students made BEAUTIFUL things. We’re so proud! We also had the cutest […]

A Little About Vintage Buttons

They say that if you want to learn something fast, throw yourself to wolves. Put yourself in a situation where you need to have already learned what you want to know. So, I did. I wanted to learn about vintage buttons, so I asked to help price them for our upcoming button sale. Sharon and Emma were as sweet as can be […]

Thank You – Student Art Show 2015

We had our Student Art Show on April 10th to celebrate our tenth anniversary. How time has flown by! Not only since our founding, but since the show. We wanted to pause and thank everyone who came, wanted to come, and supported us in countless other ways. The Student Art Show is a wonderful opportunity for […]