Shibori Press – A DIY Tool to Dye Fabric Yardage

Those of you who follow us on Instagram, or keep a close eye on the shop going-ons, know that Sharon has been on a bit of a Shibori and Indigo kick lately. Dare we say, she’s a bit…obsessed? It’s okay, cause we’re fueling her obsession by asking her ten thousand questions about indigo, encouraging her […]

Indigo and Shibori – Inspired to Experiment

Mom and dad visited Emma, Chris and the new little grand baby in Japan this last October.  Emma lives in Okazaki not that far from the famous shibori town – Arimatsu – so two rainy but fantastic days were spent soaking in all of the shibori and indigo blue inspiration that is Arimatsu.  Emma was […]

Five Practices to Make your Botanical Dyeing Sustainable

Hello there! It’s Hannah writing to you today. Mom (AKA, Sharon) called me the other day and asked me “Have we ever talked about how the process of botanical dyeing is sustainable?”. Why, no, mom, we haven’t.  She has been botanical dyeing (eco printing, botanical imprinting, whatever you’d like to call it) for many years […]

Dyeing Workshop with Botanical Prints + Color in Progress with Sharon Mansfield

Sharon is developing a dyeing workshop for a 1-step botanical dye plus color class and the results are SO COOL. This combination of botanical dyeing and acid dyeing will be taught in a 2-day workshop in the late-summer or early fall. She’s limiting the class to 4 students, so if you’d like to register, please […]

Learn to Botanical Dye with Sharon Mansfield – Small Workshops Available Now!

If you’ve been curious about how to create botanical prints, ‘eco prints’, or natural dyes, or if you have taken other workshops with limited success, we highly encourage you to join Sharon Mansfield to learn to botanical dye. Botanical printing is a big part of the Thimble. We love the process, the results and the hundreds of possibilities it […]

Busy Hands Make Beautiful Things

For the past couple of months, our creative mother-daughter duo, Sharon Mansfield and Lisa Classon have been extra busy creating beautiful things for our store and for their classes. Sharon has been botanically dyeing men’s and women’s clothing with fantastic results:  The jagged edges of the leaf prints near the collar of the above shirt are such an […]

Naturally Inspired: Sharon’s Experiments in Botanical Dyeing

Sharon has been experimenting with botanical dyeing for years now, to the point that she has become an expert. It’s an all natural process that colors fabrics with the imprints of leaves and other botanical objects with the help of metal and steam. Over time Sharon has botanically imprinted fabric of all sorts, including those of […]

The Magic of Botanical Dye

Happy fall everyone! It’s Sharon writing to you today, and I am so thrilled about this post. I don’t think I have ever done any art form as exciting as botanical dyeing. The challenge of trying to find the right combination of mordant to metal pipe to metal pan to dye bath is always a […]

Fire and Ice Dyeing

Debra Hosler joined us here in our little ‘ol classroom for a two-day workshop last month on ice dyeing. Doesn’t that just sound lovely? Well the results were above and beyond what I was expecting and we are looking forward to hosting miss Hosler and her very neat class again in the spring. She had a nice full […]

The CCO: Sharon Mansfield

While we at The Tin Thimble don’t really have “job titles”, it is safe to say that if we had to designate them, Sharon Mansfield (usually referred to as “mom”) would without a doubt be the Chief Creative Officer. In addition to teaching, she’s been botanical dyeing at home, she took a class with Melissa Arnold and […]