Crate Expectations: A Brief History of High Hand

Hi, my name is Lori and I am a box hoarder. Or rather, a container hoarder. Which means that when I saw that High Hand has fruit crates seemingly just lying around, I needed one. Fortunately for me, High Hand Nursery does sell some of their fruit boxes, so there was no need for a […]

Take a Little Tour (Virtually) of The Tin Thimble

This is one of the coolest things to happen to us for awhile. It’s amazing to even be able to share it with you. Get this: there is now a virtual tour of The Tin Thimble available on Google StreetView. In fact, all of High Hand is open to virtually tour; even the extensive and beautiful […]

A First Walk Through High Hand

Hey guys! It’s Lori today. To start out, I want to tell you that it’s shameful how little time I had spent at High Hand before I joined the Tin Thimble Team. I live in Sacramento, so it wasn’t an issue of distance. To be fair, I was a child for a lot of that […]