Felting with the Guys – Wet Felted Slippers

Just after Christmas, Sharon showed her grandson, Colby, and her son-in-law, Daniel, how to make their own wet felted slippers. Colby had made a pair two years back, but he’d grown out of them. 


The guys started by creating duct tape molds of their feet, just as students do in the workshop for this class, and once they were perfectly formed, the really fun part could start….designing!

Colby wanted a boot type slipper that would lace up, and he ended up going with red and black for his colors.

Dan was inspired by a pattern on a persian rug and spent a lot of time incorporating yarn and carefully shaped pieces of roving to achieve the pattern he liked.

Aren’t Colby’s fantastic?! We trust he’ll wear them proudly and often, and can’t wait to see what he makes next, when he grows out of these!

The time and effort Dan put into his design really shows, though they’re not quiiiiite finished yet. He needs to fold some of the excess at the top of the boot over and sew on a button to keep the ‘flap’ in place. He has worn them every day since he made them and proudly tells those who comment on on them, “Thanks, I made them!”.


  1. Lisa B Sproehnle says

    Wow, these are fantastic!
    I’d love to have my 14 year old son in for a lesson while he continues to grow!!!
    Great job guys!

    • The Tin Thimble Staff says

      We’d love to have him (and you!) in for a class. Workshops with guys are always fun, they make such different things than many of our female students! Thanks for the comment.

  2. Carollyn craft says

    These are both beautiful, great job

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