Felting with Lace – A Fun Textural Experiment

Are you curious about felting with lace? We were too! We recently received an exciting order of garment fabrics from one of our favorite distributors, and included in the box were several types of lace. If you follow us on Instagram, (@thetinthimble) you may have us mention this already.

The pink and red are 80% cotton, 20% spandex. And the black/grey is a stretch lace and all three are available in our Etsy shop here.

We all know lace is wonderful for apparel sewing, and we knew that incorporating small bits of lace into projects is no biggie, but Sharon was excited to see if she could felt large pieces of lace to create a garment. To start, she cut small samples of all three, chose contrasting colors of roving and began experimenting. She kept track of how much the lace shrunk as it felted and noted how well the wool adhered to the lace.

All three worked great, but she was especially pleased with the black and grey stretch lace.

Here’s a shot of the lace on Sharon’s wood table so you can see how open the weave it. It’s beautiful!

Here’s a close up after she felted it onto blue roving….and below is the ADORABLE dress she created after experimenting!

Sharon would be happy to share her methods for felting with lace and creating this dress. If you’re interested in learning how to make your own dress like this comment below and let us know or call us at 916-652-2134 so we can give you a call when she’s chosen a date.


  1. laurel marinelli says

    I am trying to figure out how to felt with lace. Do I build the roving up after
    placing the lace on the bubble wrap first? Can I felt over parts of the lace?

    I am in a class, but no class for two weeks – and what you made is exactly what
    I am supposed to do – except of course, my design.
    Id love it if you could help me.

    thank you

    • The Tin Thimble Staff says

      Hello Laurel,

      Sharon laid her wool out first and then placed the lace on top. The bubble wrap goes on the very bottom. She felted over all of the lace, with great results! I hope this helps. Happy felting! Oh, and which class are you taking?

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