Carders, Batts, and a Potential Carding Workshop

Hello everyone! As you know, we held our annual Felt Fest a few weekends ago (if you want to see pictures of the festivities, click here). We continue to hold this event year after year (this year was our sixth Felt Fest!) because it’s a whirlwind of creativity. With three, or four, workshops happening simultaneously, and students buzzing in and out of the shop it brings an extra energy to the Thimble that we don’t see very often. In order to prepare for the three-days and ten workshops, we needed to stock a lot of inventory, including our hand carded batts. 

carding batts for The Tin Thimble

Me (Hannah), and my mom (Sharon) spent two full evenings after work cranking our right arms round and round and round. If you’re a fiber fanatic like we are, and you’ve never used a carder, you need to. It is so fun. Adding roving, nylon, silk to the carder and producing a cotton-candy pouf of soft, blended color, is oddly relaxing and get’s your brain all fired up and thinkin’ about color. It’s a blast.

carding batts for The Tin ThimbleCarding Workshop at The Tin Thimble

Carding Workshop at The Tin Thimble

Our carders (we have three in all) are made by Clemes & Clemes. They’re a father and son duo in Pinole, California and they’ve been hand making spinning wheels, carders, and other quality spinning products since 1970. Family business? Handmade? Local? Check, check and check. We’re super excited to say that we’re working on hosting them for a carding workshop in the spring of 2018, and we want to know who would be interested in attending. Please comment below to let us know if you are!

WORKSHOPS ARE SCHEDULED for May 5 & 6.  Click Here for more details.  

carding batts for The Tin Thimble


  1. Kristi Smith says:

    Yes!!! I would definitely be interested in a carding workshop/class!

  2. Alaire Hinkel Outlaw says:


  3. Georgette Adams says:

    Yes, I would be VERY interested in a carding class.

  4. Susan Peterson says:

    Yes, this sounds like fun and I am interested in attending!

  5. Glenys Kaye says:

    Yes, I want to see how this is done.

  6. Leslie Williams says:

    Might be interested. Sounds like fun.

  7. Erin Dame-Lewis says:

    I’m a spinner and would love this! I have some hand carders but a drum carder is on my long wish list.

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