Felt Fest Instructor Profile #4: Lisa Classon

Lisa Classon at The Tin Thimble

Take a look around The Tin Thimble and you’ll find Lisa Classon’s name all throughout. From her beautiful hand spun yarns, to carefully coordinated batts, nuno felted garments and her selection of classes, Lisa adds all sorts of beauty to the Thimble. We asked her a few questions so that our customers and students could get to know her a bit better, so read on to find out more about Lisa and to see here upcoming Felt Fest classes!

What type of art did you first learn and who taught you about fiber arts?

Well of course my mom was my first art teacher who inspired me, but Mario Ferrante was the first to introduce me to the fine arts in high school.  I loved watercolor and pen and ink. Mom and Auntie Carin were always spinning, dyeing, weaving, macrame, sewing, quilting, felting, crocheting, knitting and even tanning deer hides, haha!  Fiber arts were always around us as children.  I was a late bloomer, I did not start felting or spinning until the Thimble opened.


When you’re not felting, what hobbies could we find you doing?

I do enjoy the outdoors, riding motorcycles and camping.  Cooking has always been a passion as well.


What is your favorite part about teaching others how to felt?

Felting is an amazing art to teach.  I feel students are always amazed at what you can do with wool.  I enjoy empowering people to try new things and be creative.


If you have taught at The Tin Thimble before, what do you enjoy about teaching in our store?

I love the people.  The Thimble attracts special people.


How do you find inspiration? Nature, magazines, dreams, etc…

I am always inspired by color and texture in nature.  I build piles of fiber, fabric and yarns to start a project.


What are your favorite types of fibers to work with? Silk, mohair, merino, corriedale, romney, etc…

I love any wool and very textural fibers.


Is there another art form that you’d like to do more of?
Shibori and figure drawing


Lisa will be teaching a few fantastic workshops during Felt Fest, including spinning yarn on a wheel for beginners and intermediate spinners. We’re really excited about her darling Cinch Satchel class…


Wet Felted Cinch Satchel at The Tin Thimble

and her beautiful Cotton Gauze Texture Scarf class!



There are a few spaces available in each class, so if you’d like to sign up, or have questions, call us at 916-652-2134!

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