Sharon Mansfield in Belle Armoire Magazine 

Look who’s work has been featured in Stampington’s Belle Armoire magazine! Hannah submitted Sharon for publication last year and we were so incredibly proud when her submission was accepted. 

This is such a huge accomplishment for Sharon and everyone who pours their hearts into The Tin Thimble. Getting the word out to people outside of our area about the Thimble and Sharon’s beautiful workshops is an overwhelming task for us, but one that we are excited to tackle. 

If you’d like a copy of this issue, we have them in stock! Along with another beautiful publication by Stamlington, Where Women Create. 

Has your work been featured in a magazine, or other publication? If so, which one(s) and did you submit yourself or were you submitted in another way? After good experiences with Belle Armoire and Mary Jane’s Farm, we’re excited to learn more about this process and to see more Thimble faces in other works! 


  1. MaryJo Kent says

    Congratulations to Sharon for getting published in this inspiring, national (if not world-wide) magazine.
    A big nod to Hannah as well for working to get this acknowledgement for her mom.
    It is so important and necessary for talented craftswomen to spread the word about their creativity and skills – no one else will. We all need to value the unique beauty that we produce in this harum scarum, mass-produced world we live in.

    • The Tin Thimble Staff says

      We just couldn’t agree more, Mary Jo. Thank you for reading and for the encouraging comment!

  2. This is wonderful to see. Congratulations, you certainly deserve the recognition for the gifts you have.

  3. Oh this is so awesome….and so well deserved!

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