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We’re thrilled to share the news with you!  Mary Jane’s Farm?  The Tin Thimble?  Together?  Yep.  I told Hannah in early 2015 that my T3 goal for her was to get the shop into magazines – boy, did she deliver!  We have carried, admired, and drooled over MaryJane’s Farm for quite a few years now.  MaryJane’s sourdough starter recipe is my go-to, we’ve swooned over pictures of her bed & breakfast while imagining ourselves soaking in those awesome outdoor, claw-foot bathtubs, and Project F.A.R.M is an inspiration.

The Tin Thimble in Mary Jane's Farm!   The Tin Thimble in Mary Jane's Farm!  The Tin Thimble in Mary Jane's Farm! The Tin Thimble in Mary Jane's Farm!

It’s an honor to be in the Feb/Mar issue of MaryJane’s Farm.  Hannah told me we were in but wouldn’t let me see the article until it came out and we didn’t tell mom anything so to surprise her with the issue.  She was all smiles when I handed her the magazine and told her to turn to page 64.  I also had a funny little small world moment when I flipped to page 52 and thought, “I know that face!”  Chris’ and my former swing dancing student and friend, Allison Rivers Samson and her awesome vegan artisan bakery of Nevada City is featured in this issue as well!  Congrats to Allison!

Toni just ordered a bunch more copies of the magazine so if you’d like to see the article or take a copy home with you, swing by the shop!

The Tin Thimble in Mary Jane's Farm!

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