Take a Little Tour (Virtually) of The Tin Thimble

This is one of the coolest things to happen to us for awhile. It’s amazing to even be able to share it with you. Get this: there is now a virtual tour of The Tin Thimble available on Google StreetView. In fact, all of High Hand is open to virtually tour; even the extensive and beautiful nursery.

I would have given a lot for the chance to see them work and set up the panoramic camera, but alas, they needed the area to have as few people as possible. And having an overexcited blogger present is a lot like have a handful of sugared up kids there, so I can see why I was told not to come.

It would have been so cool though.

Anyway, below is the virtual tour. It’s also accessible directly from Google Maps. Depending on your preference, you can keep the tour small or have it go full screen by clicking in the top right corner. In order to navigate around the store and all of High Hand, click in the area you would like to visit. You can drag and click to move the view point from left to right, or you can use the arrows by the compass symbol in the lower right corner. The plus and minus signs in the lower right corner will allow you to zoom in and out.

Have fun exploring!


  1. Jane Biggs says

    Hi; I would like to learn from Sharon about the Bontanical dyed panels she makes. Unfortunately I am in Canada and am trying to peice together how to do it. I bought a panel when I was down visiting my sister and love it. I am collecting materials and have got the wool panels ready to go but need a bit more information. I would appreciate if Sharon could email me so I could ask her some questions. Thank you.

  2. Love this tour. I can hardly wait to walk thorough myself!❣️💥


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